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“Branding tends to ‘git the cow’s attention.” ~ Cowboy Wisdom

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By Arengee

We believe everyone is creative. Do you have a ritual or time you’re aware of when you seem to produce many thoughts and ideas?

On 07, May 2013 | In Inspiring, Social Media | By Arengee


“I seem to have a few different creative times. Late in the afternoon around 4 p.m. I seem to get a second wind and get very productive. I have trouble shutting my brain off around bed-time. And when I’m doing yard work such as pushing the lawn mower my brain is bouncing from one topic to the next and ideas flow like the sweat on my face. As for rituals, well, a lot of coffee, observing people and my surroundings, staying aware of trends.” ~ Jeff Ringer.

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Here’s an article form this morning’s Fast Company enews about famous people and their weird rituals.


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