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By Arengee

Target does “cartwheels” to get people to “Like” then buy from their store with Facebook.

On 08, May 2013 | In Branding, Social Media | By Arengee

cartwheelSo the only true way to get people to buy shtuff from your retail store is to give them special discounts they can only get if they are your “friend” on Facebook? And the only way to make Facebook advertising work is to give them exclusive, increased discounts to boot?

This report claims Target and other retailers are trying to fight “show rooming” where people come to their store to see, touch and feel a product with no intention of buying it at that location. These showroomer’s go home and surf the web to find the cheapest price at places like Amazon.

It seams retailers have reaped what they’ve sewn. Retailers have trained the consumer to look for sales. If the store doesn’t have what they want on sale – or at a price they feel is “a deal” – when they want it, they’ll look for someone who does.