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“Branding tends to ‘git the cow’s attention.” ~ Cowboy Wisdom

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Umoja Festival Portsmouth Umoja Festival Portsmouth Website Umoja Festival Portsmouth Website Umoja Festival Portsmouth Virginia

On 27, Jun 2015 | In | By Arengee

Umoja Festival Portsmouth

For events, clients want to increase the number of attendees every year. This year the bar was set a little higher – it was their 25th Annual event. We rose to the occasion and exceeded expectations. Here are the results:

  • Website generated more than 19,000 sessions and nearly 50,000 page views in just 4 weeks
  • More than 11,000 visitors to the website over the the festival dates – May 22-24
  • Social Media marketing reached more than 198,000 people within 50 mile radius and 
 generated more than 503 attendance confirmations and more than 
400 Event Shares
  • The multi-media plan for the 25th Annual Umoja Festival was targeted against a 
 variety of micro targets including ethnic groups. The plan generated over one 
 million impressions at a cost of less than 1 cent per impression.
  • Estimated event attendance of more than 23,000 over the three day event

Got an event that needs marketing help. Give us a call.

Celebrate Portsmouth! Celebrate Portsmouth! Celebrate Portsmouth! Celebrate Portsmouth! Celebrate Portsmouth! Celebrate Portsmouth!

By Arengee

On 14, Aug 2013 | In | By Arengee

Celebrate Portsmouth!

We created this series of ads for the City of Portsmouth, Virginia. These tourism focused  ads run in VEER magazine, Hampton Roads’ alternative source for news, arts, culture, entertainment and dining. We wanted to create a sense of fun, energy, excitement. The background photos were all taken by Arengee. We picked up the same style for posters that are featured inside the HRT Ferry between Portsmouth and Norfolk.

Run for the Dream Marathon Poster Run for the Dream Marathon Poster

By Arengee

On 10, Jan 2013 | In | By Arengee

Run for the Dream Marathon Poster

We were brought in to create a timeless concept for this fundraising Marathon held in Williamsburg, Virginia. The client wanted a branding concept that:

  1. Appealed to runners; was a challenge
  2. Promoted the beautiful location and destination of Williamsburg
  3. Was action oriented
Cowboy Wisdom Book #2 Cowboy Wisdom Book #2 Cowboy Wisdom Book #2 Cowboy Wisdom Book #2 Cowboy Wisdom Book #2 Cowboy Wisdom Book #2

By Arengee

On 28, Dec 2012 | In | By Arengee

Cowboy Wisdom Book #2

R is for Ready.

There’s an old piece of cowboy wisdom that advises, “Even a kick in the caboose is a step forward.” Well, the information economy, new media and business as very unusual have given all of us a collective kick.

Ready or not, the future is here. According to a recent study, the number of people accessing the Internet with a smartphone or tablet has surpassed that of desktop or laptop computer owners. Consumers are also spending as much time using the Internet as they do watching TV.

So how do you reach customers where they are now? How do you make your message more relevant and impactful? How do you make your marketing budget work twice as hard?

Ready isn’t about tossing out the traditional and just embracing the new. It’s knowing what works and what doesn’t for your situation. It’s about being more ready than your competition to take advantage of new opportunities. And it’s about engaging with your customers in new and diverse ways. Or to put it more simply, we’re ready when you are.

There are two ways to get a copy of Cowboy Wisdom Book #2:

  1. Businesses interested in working with us call (757-213-6818) or email
  2. Purchase a copy here


The Kellogg Organization The Kellogg Organization The Kellogg Organization

By Arengee

On 28, Dec 2012 | In | By Arengee

The Kellogg Organization

How we helped turn a tiny ad into a timeless marketing campaign.

The name Kellogg usually brings to mind bowls of Frosted Flakes or Rice Krispies.

But while the Kellogg Organization shares the famous name, it’s the fundraising counsel of choice for over 450 of America’s top non-profit organizations. The firm’s unique combination of culture, enthusiasm and distinctive creative style have earned it a growing national and international reputation for excellence.

Originally, we were asked to work on a “tombstone ad” project – a template the firm could use to make announcements such as signing on a new client or adding new staff members.

After taking a closer look at how we might help brand their business more effectively, we developed a series of four ads and presented them along with the original template ad.

The ads reflected the Kellogg Organization’s understated elegance and simplicity. They were designed to educate potential clients about Kellogg’s expertise and help brand the company as thought leaders in the industry.

The Kellogg Organization has used this campaign for more than 20 years.

At Arengee, ready means always looking for new opportunities to help clients. It’s going beyond the assignment to find the right solution to enable clients to achieve their goals.

Hungry for smarter creative? Come and talk with us. We’ll bring the cereal.

Virginia Zoo Annual Report Virginia Zoo Annual Report Virginia Zoo Annual Report

On 28, Dec 2012 | In | By Arengee

Virginia Zoo Annual Report

What happens when you open the cages and let the creatives roam free.

You’d have to travel back to 1892 to witness the beginning of what has become a landmark attraction in Norfolk, Virginia – the Virginia Zoo.

The zoo asked us to create an annual report and gave us carte blanche –no parameters, no preconceived ideas, or focus. The challenge? The zoo had a little or no money for production.

Small budgets require big ideas. We had to find creative ways to deliver a product that was equal to a big budget project. We interviewed zoo keepers after hours and on weekends. We worked with a photographer who captured images for free. We hornswoggled a paper company to donate paper in return for free samples they could use as promotions. And we enticed the printer to heavily discount their fee. The result was a runaway success. The concept was a hand-bound, sketchbook format with all text handwritten. The report was featured in Dynamic Graphics magazine and Design Secrets: Layout published by Rockport.

The Virginia Zoo reported to us they included the piece with several grant applications and were told that the highly graphic report helped them stand out from stacks of other applicants.

Ready means evolving the creative to survive no matter what the budget.

There are some projects that are more than assignments. They’re a labor of love. We were able to negotiate with vendors because they saw the potential of the creative.

Is your budget an elephant or a mouse? Either way, we can help you find a creative solution that can turn ideas into success.

Taste of Hampton Roads Taste of Hampton Roads Taste of Hampton Roads Taste of Hampton Roads

On 28, Dec 2012 | In | By Arengee

Taste of Hampton Roads

How we turned engaging illustrations into food for thought.

Taste of Hampton Roads is the premier annual charity event for the Foodbank of Southeastern Virginia. Since its inception, the Foodbank has distributed over 221 million pounds of food directly and though partner agencies to help reduce hunger in our community.

Arengee has been a Board member for this event for over a decade – developing branding and marketing pieces including posters, save-the-date postcards, tickets, t-shirts, souvenirs programs and a variety of digital media.

Every year, we challenged ourselves to develop a better, more compelling design that would top the previous year’s effort. We worked with local illustrators who took our ideas and vision and created fun and memorable images.

In 2007, we developed a theme that zagged from the expected. The idea was one that resonated to a diverse population — there’s a little bit of country in all of us.

We proud to say that every year we helped bring in more money than the year before. The result? We were able to take a bite out of hunger and help feed hundreds of thousands of our neighbors in Hampton Roads.

Hungry for something truly different?

At Arengee, we’ve discovered that some of the best work is delivered when we direct the illustrator less with specifics and more with what the finished piece needs to accomplish. It frees up creatives to envision unexpected and exciting solutions to challenges.

Creativity. It’s just one of the many benefits Arengee brings to the table. If you have a taste for more, just give us call.

Children’s Museum of Virginia Children's Museum of Virginia Grand Opening Billboard May 2011 Children's Museum of Virginia website

On 24, Dec 2012 | In | By Arengee

Children’s Museum of Virginia


Completely re-brand the Children’s Museum of Virginia and unveil the new branding concurrently with the museum’s reopening following a $14 million renovation.


We created a new logo, website, multi-media campaign and collateral that appealed to both children and adults. The new typeface projects the image of a professionally run museum and the use of the museum’s mascot communicates fun to kids. The large images of children chosen worked well with the imagination theme.


More than 220,000 people visited the museum in the first full year – more than double the previous record.

Marketing ROI was 10:1

Visit the Children’s Museum of Virginia website