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Virginia Zoo Annual Report Virginia Zoo Annual Report Virginia Zoo Annual Report

On 28, Dec 2012 | In | By Arengee

Virginia Zoo Annual Report

What happens when you open the cages and let the creatives roam free.

You’d have to travel back to 1892 to witness the beginning of what has become a landmark attraction in Norfolk, Virginia – the Virginia Zoo.

The zoo asked us to create an annual report and gave us carte blanche –no parameters, no preconceived ideas, or focus. The challenge? The zoo had a little or no money for production.

Small budgets require big ideas. We had to find creative ways to deliver a product that was equal to a big budget project. We interviewed zoo keepers after hours and on weekends. We worked with a photographer who captured images for free. We hornswoggled a paper company to donate paper in return for free samples they could use as promotions. And we enticed the printer to heavily discount their fee. The result was a runaway success. The concept was a hand-bound, sketchbook format with all text handwritten. The report was featured in Dynamic Graphics magazine and Design Secrets: Layout published by Rockport.

The Virginia Zoo reported to us they included the piece with several grant applications and were told that the highly graphic report helped them stand out from stacks of other applicants.

Ready means evolving the creative to survive no matter what the budget.

There are some projects that are more than assignments. They’re a labor of love. We were able to negotiate with vendors because they saw the potential of the creative.

Is your budget an elephant or a mouse? Either way, we can help you find a creative solution that can turn ideas into success.