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“Branding tends to ‘git the cow’s attention.” ~ Cowboy Wisdom

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Umoja Festival Portsmouth Umoja Festival Portsmouth Website Umoja Festival Portsmouth Website Umoja Festival Portsmouth Virginia

On 27, Jun 2015 | In | By Arengee

Umoja Festival Portsmouth

For events, clients want to increase the number of attendees every year. This year the bar was set a little higher – it was their 25th Annual event. We rose to the occasion and exceeded expectations. Here are the results:

  • Website generated more than 19,000 sessions and nearly 50,000 page views in just 4 weeks
  • More than 11,000 visitors to the website over the the festival dates – May 22-24
  • Social Media marketing reached more than 198,000 people within 50 mile radius and 
 generated more than 503 attendance confirmations and more than 
400 Event Shares
  • The multi-media plan for the 25th Annual Umoja Festival was targeted against a 
 variety of micro targets including ethnic groups. The plan generated over one 
 million impressions at a cost of less than 1 cent per impression.
  • Estimated event attendance of more than 23,000 over the three day event

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