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“Branding tends to ‘git the cow’s attention.” ~ Cowboy Wisdom

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Cowboy Wisdom Book #2 Cowboy Wisdom Book #2 Cowboy Wisdom Book #2 Cowboy Wisdom Book #2 Cowboy Wisdom Book #2 Cowboy Wisdom Book #2

By Arengee

On 28, Dec 2012 | In | By Arengee

Cowboy Wisdom Book #2

R is for Ready.

There’s an old piece of cowboy wisdom that advises, “Even a kick in the caboose is a step forward.” Well, the information economy, new media and business as very unusual have given all of us a collective kick.

Ready or not, the future is here. According to a recent study, the number of people accessing the Internet with a smartphone or tablet has surpassed that of desktop or laptop computer owners. Consumers are also spending as much time using the Internet as they do watching TV.

So how do you reach customers where they are now? How do you make your message more relevant and impactful? How do you make your marketing budget work twice as hard?

Ready isn’t about tossing out the traditional and just embracing the new. It’s knowing what works and what doesn’t for your situation. It’s about being more ready than your competition to take advantage of new opportunities. And it’s about engaging with your customers in new and diverse ways. Or to put it more simply, we’re ready when you are.

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