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CIVIC Scholars Program Logo CIVIC Scholars Program Logo CIVIC Scholars Program Logo CIVIC Scholars Program Logo

By Arengee

On 19, Jul 2013 | In | By Arengee

CIVIC Scholars Program Logo

Arengee was asked to create a “cool” logo for the program described below. We’ve been working with the Director of the CIVIC Leadership Institute, Cathy Lewis, for many years. She’s one of our most favorite clients. She gives us information, answers all our questions and then just let’s us “be creative geniuses” (her words).

Since this is a “mentorship” program, we tried to invoke some of the aspects of mentorship in the logo I.E. perspective and direction.
We avoided fad typefaces and design to create something that would last for years to come. Cathy is VERY happy.

CIVIC Scholars is a pilot program exclusively for ODU students modeled after the highly prestigious CIVIC Leadership Institute and designed to link high performing, promising students with regional business and community leaders.

The CIVIC Leadership Institute brings together proven executive leaders from the entire region of Hampton Roads to establish relationships, share knowledge and explore ways to make Hampton Roads an even better place to call home.
 Throughout the course of the semester, “class” members will enjoy in-depth educational opportunities, candid assessments of the issues, exposure to differing points of view, and an opportunity to consider the roles they will play in the region’s future as class members finish their degrees.