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“Branding tends to ‘git the cow’s attention.” ~ Cowboy Wisdom

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By Arengee

Political Marketing Tip: Don’t make the other candidate look good.

On 24, Feb 2014 | In Branding, Cowboy Wisdom, Social Media | By Arengee

Let us state categorically we have no dog in this election fight. Our only interest is our airwaves are being bombarded by negative television spots run by Republican Robert Bloxom Jr. against the Democrat Willie Randall.

What we know is that negative advertising is designed to suppress voting. It’s supposed to make the other candidate look bad. It’s suppose to make one side feel all is lost and not go to the polls.

In the case of Mr Bloxom’s spot, it tries to do the obvious. It shows a photo of Mr Randall – which is actually a very good likeness of the other candidate – with an audio clip of him saying he is going to support President Obama’s agenda designed to help everyone. No photo manipulation. No horns drawn on the candidate. No grainy overlay. No text to help you emphasis the negative.

Now, we’re not sure how this election will turn out but if Mr Randall wins, credit should go to Mr Bloxoms’ TV spot.