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By Arengee

P&G Brand Officer Says ‘Digital Marketing Is Dead’ – We concur

On 06, Jan 2014 | In Branding, Inspiring, Social Media | By Arengee

Speaking at Dmexco, the chief marketer from the world’s largest advertiser, asked, “Try and resist thinking about digital in terms of the tools, the platforms, the QR Codes and all of the technology coming next. We [Procter & Gamble] try and see it for what it is, which is a tool for engaging people with fresh, creative campaigns … the era of digital marketing is over. It’s almost dead. It’s now just brand building. It’s what we do.”

Here’s the best nugget of information (in our humble opinion) within the article:

“But we can only do that if we have this one component that has been a constant since the beginning of brand building — an idea. Fresh creative ideas that are powered by insights, that are powered by the way people think and feel and are inspired by creativity, always have and always will create great campaigns. Digital tools just give us a new way to spread those ideas in ways that we’ve never imagined before … great ideas matter more now than they ever have before, because with these digital tools at our disposal we have the chance to be successful widely beyond whatever we had imagined.”

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