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By Arengee

Paper App by Facebook – here’s hoping it’s better than the Facebook App for iPhone

On 01, Feb 2014 | In Social Media | By Arengee

I’ll admit I’m not the biggest user of Facebook nor its biggest fan. I spend most of my time there for our clients.

The Facebook app for the iPhone has always been a miserable experience. With an iPhone, you’ve never really needed and app as it has always displayed webpages well in the Safari browser. Why look at a stripped down “mobile” friendly web page if you don’t need to. The app is so bad I almost never use my phone to “Facebook”.

This Monday, February 3rd, Facebook is making their new app, Paper, available. If you’re a Mac enthusiast or up on the latest self-publishing platforms, you’ll notice immediately they have heavily borrowed from app’s like Flipboard and sites such as Medium.

From an artists standpoint it seems to have a nice visual appeal. I also noticed immediately in the sample images there seems to be little to no navigation. I’ll post a follow up once I’ve had a chance to test it out.