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By Arengee

Is my office bugged? Article on Behavioral Marketing could be a recorded conversation between my business partner and me.

On 26, Jan 2013 | In Branding, Social Media | By Arengee

My business partner and I have been discussing – lamenting – this same topic of so called behavioral marketing for the past several months, maybe even the past year.

Here’s a Social Media Insider article on behavior marketing

What I find really irritating are companies, like Dodge for instance, who know I bought a vehicle, what I bought, and where I bought it, yet still send me unrelated service emails (standard oil change when I own a diesel – big cost difference) as well as continuing to target me on the internet as if I am not already a customer.

I have yet to sit down with a Media Rep who can prove to me all this datamining is anything but an educated guess – the same educated guess we have been using when purchasing any media.

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