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By Arengee

Client Agency Relationship Tip: It’s okay to not like something but you better have a suggestion, example or alternative

On 10, Oct 2013 | In Cowboy Wisdom, Inspiring, Social Media | By Arengee

Let’s face it, when there are several people involved with anything it’s hard to come to a consensus. And there always seems to be at least one person who doesn’t like anything but can’t say why. We’re always looking for great articles to help with Client communications/feedback and we found this one on the FastCompany website: Feedback Without the Fireworks.

We understand Clients are not designers and don’t understand “designer speak”. And many creative people don’t always explain their ideas and solutions well.
Both sides just need to communicate. Take a deep breath. You’re all woking for the same goal. Share this article with your team.

Here are a few highlights:

  1. When there’s no clear example of the counterproductive behavior, it’s easy for the recipient to rebut your claims and deny that there’s a problem, and it’s quite likely that you’re merely criticizing.
  2. Feedback differs from criticism because there’s a path to improvement embedded in feedback messages.
  3. When it comes to negative feedback, be clear, be focused, and then be gone.

Tweet or Comment your favorite tips for dealing with Clients who have a hard time explaining what they want, their goals, their objectives, and their objections to solutions presented. If your on the Client side, Tweet or Comment your least favorite designer speak and some suggestions for creative people to better communicate. Please include #clientagencyrelationships in your post.

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