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“Branding tends to ‘git the cow’s attention.” ~ Cowboy Wisdom

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Just launched



In Branding
Just launched

By Arengee

“From a publisher standpoint, this is exactly the kind of creative I’m looking for on Page 1”

On 01, Feb 2016 | In Branding, Just launched | By Arengee

“Just a note to compliment you on the great creative work for the Portsmouth ad in February’s Virginia Business. Just like great editorial content, eye-catching ads are something that makes a magazine great. They help you and they help our readers. I think the open door on Portsmouth is superb both creatively and conceptually; it puts the right message across – clean and simple. From a publisher standpoint, this is exactly the kind of creative I’m looking for on Page 1. Keep up the great work!”

~ Bernie Niemeier, President & Publisher
Virginia Business

Portsmouth Economic Development Virginia Business ad

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In Branding
Just launched

By Arengee

Simple, powerful TV spots are par for the course at Arengee.

On 25, Feb 2014 | In Branding, Just launched | By Arengee

Bide-A-Wee Golf Course is one of the many Portsmouth, Virginia Highlights. Dreamed up by a PGA regular in the 50s and re-energized in 1999 as a Signature Curtis Strange Course. The narrow approaches, strategically placed bunkers and water features have brought accolades from the golf world, and the ire of those looking to master it.

In recent years the management did little to promote the venue. The City turned to us to reverse the trend of declining golf rounds.

With a budget as tight as the course, we developed a multi-media branding campaign, a fresh new website, and engaging collateral.

We felt we needed to be on TV to reach as many golfers as possible. By cutting the TV production to the bare minimum we were able to maximized the reach of the media buy, purchasing as many targeted spots as the budget would allow.

Our creative team is always up for a challenge.

We brainstormed this spot in the car during a trip to a client meeting. Richard, the guy who says he’s not creative, came up with the idea that sparked visuals in Jeff’s mind. We presented the idea to the client without storyboards or a typed script.

The client loved it.

So we hired our friends at Studio Center Total Production and turned them loose with our vision.

The result is a simple, powerful spot capturing the true essence of Bide-A-Wee.

We invite you to take a look (turn up your speakers and click the “play” arrow below).

Oh, and contact Richard if you want him to treat you to a round while discussing your marketing challenges.


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