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“Branding tends to ‘git the cow’s attention.” ~ Cowboy Wisdom

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BBQ (the noun not the verb)



In BBQ (the noun not the verb)

By Arengee

Vance Of Norfolk Writes, “What Is Your Opinion On BBQ Sauces?”

On 13, Jan 2016 | In BBQ (the noun not the verb), Questions | By Arengee

KCBS judging plate with bbq sauce

Hi Vance, and thanks for your question.

Richard Gearhart here.

Always good to talk BBQ with others. I’m pretty sure I’m going to have a different opinion from the “#maninthehat”.

Personally, I tend to agree with the good folks at Dizzy Pig who think there are some real good sauces available at local stores or online.

While I have made some darn good sauces, it seemed to me I was just replicating what already existed. So I leave the sauce making to others and I focus my time on the meat, rub, temperature and time.

I personally like Sweet Baby Ray’s and the new sauces available from the Big Green Egg. Generally though, I like to try sauces from all over and have a variety available for guests to try.

Hope this helps and remember low and slow always, except in racing.

~ Richard Gearhart

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In BBQ (the noun not the verb)
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By Arengee

What Everybody Ought to Know About Bobby’s Bar-B-Q in Chesapeake

On 18, Jan 2014 | In BBQ (the noun not the verb), Social Media | By Arengee

Bobby’s Bar-B-Q, located at 1025 N Battlefield Blvd in Chesapeake, is a sit down restaurant. If you’re familiar with Woodchick’s that used to be in this building nothing in dining area has changed. You can order ahead and pick-up. I stopped in to get ribs and was disappointed to find they weren’t ready on Saturday afternoon around 1:30 pm. Guess the dinner crowd will be happy.

I ordered a pulled pork sandwich with slaw on side and mac and cheese. The mac and cheese was $1 extra because I asked for slaw on the side.

My basket arrived quickly. A generously filled, large toasted Kaiser bun with pulled pork, which looked like it could be pulled from a hole-hog, had a nice hickory smoke aroma. The pork was on the verge of being over salted but still very good. The table has Texas Pete and Bobby Sauce, a vinegar based sauce with a good kick. The sauce was an average Eastern Carolina sauce – I’ve had better, I’ve had worse – and it went well with the pulled pork.

The sweet minced slaw with a hint of onion and carrots was a nice compliment to the BBQ and sauce. The amount of slaw I received wasn’t worth the extra dollar I paid for the mac & cheese.

The mac and cheese looked disappointing at first – pasta with sauce poured over. I was happily surprised by the house-made swirly “pigtail” pasta (I asked because I never seen shape before) smothered in cheese sauce. Wanted to lick the bowl clean delicious! The only thing that might have made it better was some kind of crunchy topping.

Jennifer, my server, was very attentive and friendly.

I’ve seen some recent negative reviews so I’m guessing they are still trying to get use to the cookers and working out kinks in this new location.

Only thing I could say negative is they might need some work on ventilation system – smoke aroma was just a bit much. The smell of smoke permeated my sweatshirt and my dogs wouldn’t leave me alone when I arrive home.

I’ll be back to try and get ribs soon.

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In BBQ (the noun not the verb)

By Arengee

I Love Smoked Butts (and I cannot lie) tshirt

On 11, Mar 2013 | In BBQ (the noun not the verb), Branding | By Arengee

Havin’ some fun. Let us know if you want a tshirt. We’ll be placing an order soon.

I Love Smoked Butts Tshirt