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In Branding

By Arengee

Anyone else notice ad concept trends – spots from several different advertisers with the same theme. Same agency? Copycats? #Cadillac #Dell

On 15, Jan 2014 | In Branding | By Arengee

My youngest son noticed this the other night – both the 2014 Cadillac CTS TV commercial and the latest Dell TV commercial have a very similar concept – the origination of great products and/or companies.

I started thinking about this more and noticed a similar situation with Ford’s “And is better” campaign in 2013. Seemed several other advertisers had similar themed spots, such as AT&T’s More Is Better.

Is this a case of:

  • Great minds thinking alike?
  • Clients seeing an ad by another company and asking for a similar spot?
  • Work done by the same agency for different clients?
  • Just flat out stealing of concepts?

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