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By Arengee

America – home of the scaredy cats?

On 12, Feb 2013 | In Inspiring, Social Media | By Arengee

One of the lessons of my parents was to try not to be afraid. At first it was being afraid of the dark. Or being left alone. And the bully at school.

Eventually I learned not to be afraid. Darkness leads to a new day. Being alone allows time for reflection. And that bully wasn’t so tough after all.

In the past four years I’ve discovered my country is afraid of everything and everybody. I offer up the following as examples:

Myth No. 1: The government is coming to get my guns so I must buy every gun available.

No, the government is not coming for your guns. And oh by the way, if the 82nd Airborne comes to your house for your gun, let them have it. They have bigger and better guns than you.

Myth No. 2: The government is taking over – martial law & anarchy is just hours away. We all need to become preppers.

No, the government isn’t coming to take your house away. Consider watching an old episode of “Happy Days” where Howard Cunningham builds a shelter for his family. There is a lesson in there for you preppers.

Myth No. 3: President Obama is a socialist trying to fundamentally transform our country.

If President Obama is a socialist, then he is the worst one in history. Fundamentally and economically our country is stronger now than at the end of the Bush administration. Do we still have problems? Of course, but hurtling to socialism is not one of them.

Myth No. 4: Our educational system is hopelessly dysfunctional. We cannot teach our kids. Every civilized country is passing us.

Well, there might be some truth in the fact other countries are passing us by, but the major reason is not the schools or teachers, but the person who greets you when you look in a mirror. Ask yourself this: how involved are/were you in your kids education? How supportive are you in the local schools? How supportive were you in their interests? Did you motivate them to do what they love and be the best they can be? Oh, and if you think Rush Limbaugh and Fox News are right about climate change then you failed Earth Science when you went to school and you should return your diploma. Immediately.

Try to remember that we as American’s have historically met challenges not by being afraid but my facing every challenge head on.

President Franklin D. Roosevelt one told us we had “nothing to fear but fear itself”.

Maybe its time we revisit that concept. Just stop being so afraid.


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