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“Branding tends to ‘git the cow’s attention.” ~ Cowboy Wisdom

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Arengee is a brand building company

Branding is a passion, not a job.
Like most people in our field, we love to get involved with the start of a new business – creating identity, developing strategies, launching to the target market, and growing the brand. But we can also apply much of the same passion, thinking and technique to re-energizing your brand and creating strategic marketing initiatives that will exceed your goals.

More than 55 years of branding experience.
Partners Richard Gearhart and Jeffrey Ringer have more than 55 years of marketing experience having worked with all types of businesses – mom and pops to nationally recognized brands; financial; healthcare; political (from presidential to locally elected officials); tourism; travel; hospitality; biz-2-biz; manufacturing; golf; retail (auto, furniture, men’s clothing); restaurants; economic development; municipal; events – we’ve forgotten more categories than we can remember.

Using our experience to help our community.
We also have a great deal of non-profit experience. In the past we have worked with the local Foodbank (11+ years), countless charities and currently work with an Equine Rescue group, two local art shows, a museum foundation, local March of Dimes group, a “girls empowerment” group, and just started working with an established early learning center.

Media is an integral part of the branding strategy. Not an afterthought.
To complement our creative we have an exceptional media buying team. At Arengee, media buying is an integral part of our brand building process. We take a balanced approach to ensure an effective yet efficient media buy. Our planners and buyers also have a plethora of experience with national, regional and local clients. This gives us unmatched knowledge of the overall media marketplace and has created relationships built over careers. It’s never a matter of obtaining a certain “reach” or “frequency” or arbitrary “cost-per-point”. Rather, media buying, much like the creative process is to elicit a response from the target audience. We want them to notice something or to buy something or do something.

Before you can break the rules of branding, you have to know what they are.
Don’t let the 55+ plus years of experience fool you into thinking we are an old-school marketing agency or one-trick pony. We are a nimble firm with relationships that include some of the best creative talent in the country. And they don’t live in some Third World countries with limited grasp of the English language. Our team is located in Massachusetts, North Carolina, Richmond as well as Hampton Roads. We construct the ideal team based on your needs, their creative talents and technical strengths. Then, our team goes to work to complete your brand profile. Armed with your brand information, research and a well thought-out creative brief, our team launches into creative development to execute solutions that generate results.